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Wii know too much!

My son asked for a Wii balance board as a Valentine’s Day gift.  Although we don’t normally do gifts for this holiday, we obliged because, he really is a good kid and his big sister was about to receive a very nice alto saxophone for Valentine’s Day.  In searching for one,  (two hours) I discovered that it was part of the Wii Fit Nintendo package.  Of course, my son wasn’t interested in the Wii Fit aspect of this board so we had to fork over another $50 for a game that he did want.  A few days later curiosity got the best of me and I asked the kids to show me how the Wii Fit program works.  They advised that I would need to start by having a Mii (a virtual replica of me) created followed by a body analysis scan.  “What?  Alright, whatever.”  Before I knew it I was being ordered to step up on the board, input height, clothing weight, drivers license number…well not really but it sure was bossy, it even told me to stop fidgeting.  “What is this thing, my mother?!”   Finally, it spit out a Mii, that apparently was meant to reflect what it thinks I look like, followed by a declaration that my BMI put me in the overweight category, and continued with displays of how detrimental this all was to my health!  “Mother-trucker, I thought, how does it know all of this?”  What it doesn’t know is that I am working on this weight issue, doesn’t it know I gave birth to twins a mere 17 months ago and that it just made me feel totally and completely violated!  Insensitive piece of technology, this darn thing even knew it was snowing here as it displayed snowflakes falling in the background.   I’d like to add that I DO NOT carry my weight like this…it’s all in my brain. 

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Moving This Blog to: http://www.3xx1xy.com

Hello!  If anyone is actually reading this blog, I am moving it to:   http://www.3xx1xy.com

Stop by and say hello or goodbye.

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Why I’ll be watching American Idol

American Idol just hasn’t appealed to me for some time, well, since  season 1.  I’m a Carrie Underwood fan but I didn’t watch her season, whatever season that was.  I just wasn’t “feeling it”.  This year though, things have changed.  First, I have a 12-yr-old, enough said.  After all, isn’t that the demographic that picks the winners?  Second, Ellen Degeneres, she’s funny right?!   I just had to watch and see how she was going to fill this void that everyone was soooo worried about with Paula Abdul leaving and all.   Third…Andrew oh-my-God-that-guy-can-sing Garcia!  I will  ONLY continue to watch if he remains on the show.  That means you tweens better call and vote for this guy for me “k”.  This guys has a future in music even if he doesn’t win.  When he sings I just want him to keep singing and I want to hear more but then he stops and I’m like, “dude keep singing puh-leez”.  Yeah, American Idol has sucked me in! 

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The Raven

This girl DOES NOT cry.  You can pick on her, chew her out, leave her out, or just plain not like her, and it won’t phase her.  But when we surprised her with “The Raven” that she had wished for, prayed for, ached for but did not expect, well, she not only cried…she sobbed.  


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Is this thing on?

I apologize to those who may have stumbled upon this OBVIOUSLY  not yet ready blog.  Truth is, I’m not really sure what to even blog about.  I’m still “playing around”.  Time will tell what will come of it and time will decide if I even have time for this silly blogging thing.  I mean, does the world really need another blogger?  Probably not.

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